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About us

Ruud en Agnes

In 1985, we (Ruud and Agnes Scheffers) started growing Dracaena. Due to a shortage of high quality cuttings and young plants from Central America, we began to experiment. Eventually, we started our own production of tips in the Netherlands.

When we first started, all the mother plants were placed directly in the soil of which we cut our ‘own’ Dutch tips. After a few years, we decided to grow the mother plants on Rockwool. This change resulted in an exponential rise in tip production; from 375.000 to almost 1.500.000 on the same surface.

Through the years, we have come across many spontaneous mutants. More than 15 varieties have been selected from all these mutants. We still grow most of our first varieties, such as Surprise and Lemon Lime.

Since 1995 all our Dracaena have been sold under the Dragontree® Label. Our Dragontree® assortment is now grown on all continents. Partially, the Dragontree® varieties are grown locally at growers who have signed a production license for this purpose. Our cuttings also travel all over the world from the Netherlands through a network of agents who have signed a distribution license to do so. Our production and distribution network is ever expanding.